Digitech Vocal Effects Made Simple

DigiTech – one of the world leaders in the manufacture of devices for processing the guitar sound. The company specializes in production of effects pedals and multi-processors of effects for guitars and bass guitars since its opening in the mid-70 in a small basement in Salt Lake City. Today, the company DigiTech offers a huge selection of various devices like digitech vocal effects. Digitech operates at Sandy, Utah and engages in manufacturing guitar, bass guitar and vocals electronics.

The product categories of Digitech comprise of digitech vocal effects, Pedals, and Specialty Pedals including JamMan and Whammy, Bass Products and Vocalist.

Some musicians require more than one pedal and the Multi-effect products fulfill their need by providing good control over more effects just by clicking a footswitch. Digitech vocal effects also offer huge variety of sonic options to take on, control and explore.

Digitech vocal effects include 18 varieties of Pedals. The first one being the “Death Metal” offers full tonal control by providing you low, mid and high controls and thereby allows you to create your own tone using the pedal tone.

This pedal is positioned in a craggy sturdy metal framework with dual amp and mixer outputs providing you much more tone options. The Delay pedals from digitech vocal effects offer you 7 distinct types of delay. It also offers extra options like dual, mono and stereo outputs.

The reverb from digitech vocal effects is not the same reverb you get in other brands. It offers 7 reverbs namely Room, Plate, Hall, Church, Gated, Reverse and Spring. They provide all possibilities of creating a new effect in your tone. For additional tweaks on your sound, DigiTech gives an EQ knob for fine-tuning your tone. The DigiVerb pedal is positioned in a craggy framework and provides dual outputs for either stereo or mono function.

In 2002 the company Digitech began producing compact vocal effects, which are combined in a series - X-SERIES. Pedals from this series – these are digitech vocal effects, which all the power of processors (AudioDNA DSP) is aimed at implementing the same type of effects. As a result, consumers have very high quality and functional gadgets with excellent sound. All pedals X-SERIES have two outputs: output for amplifier and output for direct recording or mixer.

The digitech vocal effects give an opportunity of effective use of features to work in the studio. Negative feature of Series X-SERIES is high energy consumption: 9-volt battery can work for 5-6 hours.

In general, all digitech vocal effects of the company Digitech give an opportunity fully to enjoy world of music. Such products of this company are made of high quality materials and follow the latest technology. Guitarists from all over the world prefer to use products made by Digitech then any other company.

Among users of digitech vocal effects, we can mention such famous people as Kirk Hammett from Metallica, Joe Perry from Aerosmith, and David Jon Gilmour from Pink Floyd and Billy Patrick Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins and many other famous people.

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